Look behind the scenes at our manufacturing

VIBE AUDIO began its life handcrafting revolutionary innovative bass enclosures right here in the UK! The boxes were new and surprising! compact and powerful they delivered bass unheard ever before!

Over the years we have honed our skills and become the cornerstone of British car audio!

Our Design Process

So ALL VIBE products are designed, developed and engineered in the UK by British & Italian designers and engineers. From subwoofer, speaker and amplifier engineering to packaging and product design everything is done in house right here in the Midlands.


VIBE products are manufactured in 3 places, once design and engineering processes are completed the products are either manufactured in the far east for lines where we sell large numbers or for our handcrafted products such as our CVEN lines are manufactured in Italy or right here in the UK. All UK and Italian made products are hand built and tested to ensure the highest quality is always met! By keeping the manufacturing of our CVEN line products in Europe we make sure that all products are up to our high standard and we have full control.

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