MOTORMAX – Vehicle Electronics Specialists

With a strong heritage of sensory, security and entertainment equipment to vehicles of all types in the field, Motormax are able to draw on their experience and supply reliable electronic solutions that you require.

Designing products in-house and working closely with our factories enables us to produce the professional, reliable solutions that are trusted by our customers. Doing this enables us to guarantee quality from project start to delivery so you know you have made the right choice when your Motormax product arrives.


Motormax specialise in vehicle electronics, focusing on quality, technical back-up and reliability. We offer a wide range of innovative electrical products designed to promote safety and enhance security. These products include: Camera solutions, Digital video recorders, Reversing camera solutions and Reverse park solutions. We have vast technical experience. This enables us to offer much more of a service than simply supplying products. We can offer the complete service from the procurement of the correct parts and beyond.

We offer a range of front and reverse parking sensors

High quality vehicle cameras and recording equipment


We believe in the quality of our products and service but don’t just take our word for it. Ask our customers.

“None destructive installation, easy to install”

Google Review

“Huge product portfolio, a one stop shop for camera integration”

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“Quality was actually better than the the factory fitted product”

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Parking Sensors

Offering the most trusted and widest sensor range, including our Double Engage capability for towing situations, there are many reasons why we’re the largest supplier of parking sensors in the UK. Choose from flat headed and angled heads in matte (colour codable) or gloss finish. We also supply a front dedicated kit that uses CAN information to auto-engage at low speeds to aid parking and rolling queue situations.


The rear view mirror only reveals half the story of potential obstructions behind the vehicle. The camera allows a full view behind, revealing more than what sensors can alone. See potential dangers ahead of time, and many cameras integrate parking guide lines onto the dash screen or mirror monitor.


We supply internal and external sensory systems for both bus and coach vehicles. Internally we are able to monitor driver behaviour, watch for fatigue, mobile phone use and more, as well as record passenger activity for safety and evidence reasons, storing all footage securely onto DVR.


We manufacturer and/or distribute some of the biggest brands in the UK Car Audio market. These include: VIBE, EDGE, FLI and our consumer electronics brand WRAPS.

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