Halfords – UK’s largest car audio retailer get new displays…powered by VIBE!


New Halfords Audio boards Fitted across the country

Keep a look out for the new retail displays built by Midbass here in VIBE HQ, Sutton Coldfield. The new interactive displays feature 4 video screens to educate customers on the simplicity of speaker, amplifier and subwoofer upgrades.

The brand new audio boards, built by our in house engineers contain 13 speakers all with the option to be able to listen and compare. The demonstration unit also has two fantastic additional features.

  1. Add an amp! The new audio board allows the customer to hit a button which will show the VIBE Slick6 speaker amplified and none amplified to show the customer the huge difference adding more power can deliver, and with a true to size image on the board of our Plug and Play Powerbox65.4m the customer can even see how small and compact the amplifier truly is.


  1. The second feature is to add a Subwoofer. The add BASS button allows the customer to hear and feel the difference of adding a subwoofer to the system. The display is complete with the BLACKAIRP8 wired up and working so you can add the bass while testing speakers to give the full affect of adding a subwoofer for your car.


  1. Finally we are able to show the VIBE OPTISOUND Speaker upgrade for the first time, the display shows the full OPTISOUND installation kit in all its glory allowing the customer to see and understand everything they need to upgrade their speakers, without cutting wires or damaging the car interior.


This New display really brings the consumer back to being able to understand and choose their audio and fully understand what they are buying. The new displays feature the following VIBE Audio Products

VIBE Slick


You can shop for these now at Halfords


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