EISA Award Winning VIBE

In 2017 the VIBE CVEN62C was submitted to the prestigious EISA Award team to go under scrutiny against the best speakers in the business!

Our British Designed and Made 2 way component system was put through its paces with a extremely refined and stringent judging process to see how we faired amongst the worlds best speakers!

To even be looked at for this award we . had to be nominated, and to be nominated our product had to be reviewed and admired by a EISA award partnered magazine, in our case this was CAR-HIFI magazine in Germany, these guys saw the potential in our fantastic product and nominated this for the award and of course we were delighted

Why do we did we do this? to see how our first attempt at a dedicated SQ speaker would fair against our biggest competitors!

After going through the judging process we were extremely happy when the VIBE CVEN62C was award the prestigious EISA award for the In Car Speaker System, this showed all the hard work and dedication to the pursuit of our first high class SQ speaker was all worth while

2017-2018 EISA Award Winner – VIBE CVEN62C

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