POWERBOX PRO – Full Range, High Power, Tiny Footprint! In Stock Now

powerbox 1500.1

VIBE introduces 3 new amplifiers to the POWERBOX family

This is our Pro range, these amps are multi-function monoblock amplifiers, putting out massive power at full range output; meaning they can be used for Highs, Mids or Subs!

This amplifier technology is known as “Full Bridge” technology as opposed to the “Half Bridge” commonly found in monoblock amplifiers of this power. This full bridge technology allows for the amplifiers to be much smaller in footprint due to the way the rail voltage is used, they are much more efficient at using the input voltage on the rails thus needing less components to produce the output required. This technology was created a number of years ago in Japan and was recently adopted by the Brazilian audio scene for their massive PA rigs and bass systems

For this range of Full Bridge amplifiers our R&D Team worked very closely with our factory and one of the best amplifier engineers in the world, who is based right here in the UK, to design a new PCB for our version of this technology to out-perform the competition

Produced in 1500, 3000 and 5000 watt models, the POWERBOX PRO Amplifiers are now available at all your VIBE Audio Stockists.

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