Ground Zero HUGE product announcement at EMMA 2022!

ground zero product release emma 2022


In April of 2022 we returned to Car Media World and the EMMA European finals with a Bang!


Being just a few hours from GZ HQ we were able to showcase a huge array of cars and products to customers from around the world, this year we concentrated on rekindling relationships after 2 years away and introducing a whole range of new products.


We had some very exciting product launches this year that including our most incredible range ever ULTRA!


The Ultra range feature component speakers, subwoofer hand built in Germany with a unique tooled 4 arm basket, composite carbon fibre cone with enhanced dampening and over sized spiders as well specially coated tweeter diaphragm, tuned chambers and wave guide. Our Pride and Joy Ultra dual mono amplifier hand built in the England! The Ultra range has been built with no compromise, from the ground up everything has been engineered  to reach an end goal, this even included designing and tooling unique speaker baskets, creating new cone materials, electrical components and having no boundaries on the quality of the parts used to create our master piece. The Ultra range is for those who want the best of the best, highest built quality with true effortless sound quality.


The Hand-built amplifier features a completely mirrored dual mono set up, with almost zero signal bleed across channels, almost unheard of! This is also paired with some very unique BIAS and Input selectors, this removes the variance in the potentiometer and gives direct fixed voltage and BIAS positions for incredibly stable performance, with over 120dB S/N this amp is beyond efficient! And with unique liquid cooled functionality its one of the best amplifiers on the market today!


We were able to also introduce a complete overhaul of our Plutonium, Nuclear, Hydrogen and Uranium speaker ranges! Our lead speaker engineer spent the last 2 years taking these speakers to the best they have ever been! With new resonance free basket design across the board with an oversized spider landing for super control on the woofers, paired with a variety on cone materials including Aluminium, Kevlar and composite paper all using unique and varied methods of dampening. The motors also feature a unique Neo/Ferrite combination for solid motor force and refinement. The speaker range upgrades have enhances our products to be nothing short or brilliant and the best products money can buy in each range, we are extremely proud of these developments!


Over the coming months you will see the introduction of these products into store along side of full revision of our EISA award winning full range of Nuclear speakers, new and enhanced BMW and Mercedes speakers featuring a GZ tooled basket for the best sound on the market, new Pro audio speakers and amplifiers as well as enhanced subwoofers and speakers in the Iridium range.


The show as ever was a great success, it was fantastic so see all the GZ team from al around the world. Some incredible results in the EMMA competition with the Finish SPL guys Team Rautama breaking the 170db barrier once again! We had a fantastic time at Salzburg Castle with all our wonderful distributors and dealers ad then a wonderful Saturday and the EMMA end of competition party with our traditional Bavarian dress and beer!


Keep checking out our social media where we now have over 1m followers for all the latest updates and news!

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