AudioTec Fischer make a statement with their largest ever stand!

audiotec fischer emma 2022


After over 2 years away we returned to Salzburg Austria for the Car Media World event paired with the EMMA European Finals to showcase all our latest products, meet our network of worldwide dealers and distributors and cheer on an array of EMMA competitors.


We started on the show with our biggest ever booth showing off our new Artwork designs and display ideas which over the coming months we will be integrating into new packaging and Audiotec Fischer store designs. We featured 3 of our own demo cars housing Match, Helix and Brax all showcasing different products to suit all areas of the market.


Our stand then featured all the current and a few sneak peaks of some of the years upcoming products as well as live demonstrations of the cars and the new DSP tool 5.0 which was very exciting indeed!


Over the weekend we hosted meetings with many of our worldwide team getting to know how the markets were doing in there territories, discussing ideas and the future, it was so great to see everyone again! We then followed up with our Team dinner at Die Weisser brewery were we bonded over traditional Austrian Food and Beer! The Friday saw our formal training and presentation where we were able to introduce the upcoming products for the year and go through our strategy, and how we will progress in the future! This was also a great time for feedback from the distributors and dealers about new and upcoming products and how the felt about what was coming out as well as giving live demonstrations of the new 5.0 DSP software.


Some of the key products coming for 2022 are the new UP8DSP replacing the UP7, this features 6 channel analogue input making this the go to DSP upgrade for systems. We also have the new P6 Ultra, an upgrade the the most popular product in our range which will now feature the Ultra DSP with 12 channels of DSP tunability. A small reveal of the upcoming V18 DSP which left a few jaws open. Yes 18 channels of amplification and 20 channels of DSP! Perfect for those high end installs with speakers at every turn, easily integrated with our “in to out” technology and robust DSP.


A new series of subwoofers will be introduced replacing the Q series woofers, the new series will feature changeable weighted cones, this will allow the modification of the subwoofer FS to create, low bass, punch bass, fast bass applications all from 1 subwoofer. On top of these new woofers we have created a market leading slimline subwoofer which will offer the performance of a regular subwoofer in the chassis half the depth!


Our Mercedes speaker range is also set to grow and we will be first to market with the brand new GL and C class speakers which feature a twist lock chassis and essentially a free air speaker!


We also cant wait for everyone to get their hands on the new DSP tool 5.0 this tool feature a brand new main page GUI which is nicer ad easier to navigate but the main software will look the same as the software you guys love, with some great new features. Our latest RTA tool however breaks the mould for autoEQ, with 30 band auto EQ tuning which can be corrected using 0.1 of a dB and utlising Q factors this is the most advanced auto EQ ever made. This was demonstrated at the show and was definatly the star! We are so proud of this tool and it will give you the best EQ results possible in less than 5 minutes, weather this be in an active 2 way system or a fully passive DSP SQ Car, this works better than 99% of experts!


We cant wait for you guys to get using it! We see a bright future in the development of our brands and the future of DSP and sharing it with you guys!


  • We would also like to congratulate 15 Team Brax members on top 3 positions in this years EMMA Finals

    1st Place ESQL Limited: Alois Preiß
  • 1st Place Tuning Custom Trunk: Alois Preiß
  • 1st Place Tuning Stock One Class: Markus Lammich
  • 1st Place SQ M-CAT Limited: Thomas Schmeidl
  • 2nd Place MM S-CAT One Class: Alois Preiß
  • 2nd Place MM M-CAT One Class: Stefan Geltl
  • 3rd Place ESPL S-CAT T4W: Alois Preiß
  • 3rd Place SQ M-CAT 5000: Alois Preiß
  • 3rd Place SQ E-CAT 3000: Rico Waschlowsky
  • 3rd Place SQ S-CAT 4000: Daniel Waschlowsky
  • 3rd Place SQ X-CAT Limited: Christian Brauneis
  • 5th Place MM S-CAT One Class: Thomas Bauer
  • 6th Place SQ M-CAT Unlimited: Stefan Geltl
  • 7th Place SQ M-CAT Unlimited: Mikko Laine
  • 8th Place SQ X-CAT Limited: Thomas Bauer

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