Slicker than Slick! – Introducing SLICK SQ!

In 2017 the release of our current SLICK speaker was the most succesful and well received entry level speaker we had ever made, the speaker even got a What Hifi Award in its class and has been compared to speakers over twice its price for its incredible performance. All engineered in house and developed with high efficiency and dynamic sound in mind this speaker was truly awesome!

So how could we improve something that was already so good,  we didn’t! we took the blueprint and built its big brother, the SLICK SQ series!

The SLICK SQ 6 inch component set uses all the ideas and principles of our award winning SLICK6C but pushes them further, the mid has undergone some work with a bigger motor system and adapted spider, this allows for a more impactive midbass response and super accurate vocal response, the additional motorforce gives a harder kick of midbass than its smaller SLICK6C counterpart. We also refined the tweeter slightly to play even higher and give more ambiance and lift to the sound, this set up is then paired with a more comprehensive crossover with attenuation and more low end control.

The speaker is truly wonderful and takes the SLICK range to a level its never seen, we cant wait for you guys to listen!

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