2020  Has been a rough year but here at VIBE we have got our head down and developed a whole host of awesome new products, and we are now Introducing SLICK PRO

For over 10 years we have produced high end Pro audio in our Blackdeath range which has always been the loudest and best looking around! So it was about time we added Pro audio across the rest if the VIBE family.

The latest in SLICK Pro products have been designed around efficiency in order to get the best sounding and best priced Pro speakers possible, for example with the 6 inch Midrange having a sensitivity of 98dB!! this allows the speaker to play at huge volumes even on lower power.

The range includes 6 and 8 inch midranges and a 3.7 inch Bullet tweeter, with a unique to car audio custom tooled rubberised gasket on the mids and a specifically designed Aluminium flange on the tweeter paired with the well known SLICK design concept and that now iconic Red and Black VIBE signature.

Keep your eyes peeled for these landing at the end of the year.

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