Shipping Now – New BLACKAIR6C Component speakers

Shipping now around the world are our highly anticipated BLACKAIR6C Component speakers!

Engineered from the ground up this speaker has been designed to bring a combination of volume and SQ commonly known as SQL!

The R&D team used what was learnt from the engineering of our EISA award winning CVEN62 and our CAR Hifi recommended SLICK6C to produce a fantastic sounding component speaker at a great price. Combining the refined elegant sound we built in the CVEN woofer and the incredible performance we produced from the SLICK tweeter we were able to engineer the BLACKAIR component, smooth bass response, accurate vocals, crisp clean high frequencies and a elegant warmth we are proud of this beautiful speaker.

Featuring a well know VIBE aesthetic of black paired with brushed aluminium the speaker features cast aluminium baskets and a cast aluminum housing on the tweeter as well as a variety of mounting housings for the tweeter and a crossover network with variable attenuation.

Premium design, Premium feel, Premium sound.

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