Arriving in Stock end of April is our eagerly  anticipated SLICK PRO BOX 

A full range Pro audio solution featuring 4x SLICK Pro Midrange drivers and 2x SLICK Pro bullet tweeters.

The SLICK PRO BOX was developed from a special requirement in Scandinavia, this design principle then became so popular we released it to the world. The Pro-box is a dual ported enclosure featuring unique flared oval turboports which deliver a considerable boost to the bass frequencies and lower midrange.

 Quad SLICK Pro midrange drivers and dual Pro tweeters offer massive sound output from a small enclosure. Perfect for anytime you want to be loud and sure to satisfy even the most demanding of listeners. 

A solid MDF constructed enclosure with central bracing allows low resonance and keeps the playback clean and crystal clear. 

Adding a Pro-box is not for the feint of heart. When you want super loud, crystal clear sound, in or out of the vehicle, this box delivers.

BEST PERFORMANCE – Combining 4 Pro midrange drivers and 2 Pro audio tweeters to give high spl, loud high performing sound.

ELEGANT DESIGN – As with all VIBE products we have gone all out on design, the carbon fibre styling is paired with the black and red elements as well as our signature A.R.B.B.S which gives strong side details and protection for the box.

MULTI INSTALLATION TECHNOLOGY – The SLICKPROBOX has been designed to be installed in many ways, the shape allows it to be fitted and direct the sound in multiple ways for the best performance.

UNIQUE PRODUCT – The SLICKPROBOX is a unique products originally designed for the Scandinavian market which has grown into a loved idea and concept around the world!

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