Introducing a new addition to our range of VIBE OPTISOUND BMW Speaker System Upgrades

At VIBE Audio, we are excited to unveil our latest range of replacement under seat speaker system upgrades designed specifically for BMW vehicles. We understand that BMW owners have diverse audio preferences, and our new lineup offers a wide array of options to cater to the BMW requirements. Whether you have a base audio system or the premium HIFI & HK systems, we have solutions tailored to enhance your listening experience.

Base Audio (Pre-2019):
• For BMW models equipped with the base audio system manufactured before 2019, we offer two main configurations:
• 2-way system with a 4″ coaxial speaker up front.
• 3-way system with a 4″ component speaker and tweeter.
• We highly recommend upgrading to the 3-way system for superior sound quality and improved sound separation.
• Previously, our recommended subwoofer for these systems was the OPTISOUNDBMW8-V4, but it has now been updated to the OPTISOUNDBMW84-V3.

Base Audio (Post-2019):
• Newer BMW models with the RAM module (The later more advanced audio system) now come with a 2-ohm subwoofer from the factory.
• To ensure compatibility, we now recommend using the OPTISOUNDBMW82-V3 subwoofer for these vehicles.
• Typically adding a 2 ohms speaker will increase the output of the system compared to OPTISOUNDBMW8-V4.

HIFI & HK Systems:
• Owners of BMWs with the HIFI and HK audio systems can also benefit from our upgrades.
• While the speaker side can be upgraded using the same components as the Base Audio systems, we have introduced a new addition.
• Our new OPTISOUNDBMW82-V3 subwoofer, with a 2-ohm impedance, is now available for these systems.
• This allows you to maximize the power output from the factory amp, resulting in exceptional output.

OPTISOUND POWERBOX65.4BMW and Aftermarket upgrades:
• When using the popular VIBE POWERBOX65.4BMW Amplifier upgrade we recommend the OPTISOUNDBMW84-V3.
• Additionally the OPTISOUNDBMW82-V3 is suitable for more advanced upgrades and offers compatibility with the amplifier and DSP solutions which are optimised for 2 ohms loading.

With our expanded range of BMW speaker system upgrades, we aim to provide our customers with more choices and opportunities to tailor their audio systems to their preferences. Whether you’re a music enthusiast or simply want to enjoy premium sound quality during your drives, our solutions are designed to meet your needs.

Experience the future of BMW audio with our latest products.

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