Innovative SLICKMIT Enclosures Revolutionise Bass Enclosures

In an industry first, VIBE have launched the much-anticipated SLICKMIT Enclosures, offering a versatile and dynamic solution for bass enclosures. These enclosures stand out for their unique design, providing users with three distinct orientations to cater to specific needs – maximising protection, performance, or space-saving efficiency.

Maximum Protection:

By placing the enclosure face down, the SLICKMIT Enclosure prioritises maximum protection. This configuration is ideal for users who want to keep their equipment safe. The sturdy construction and strategic design ensure that your items are shielded from external elements, providing peace of mind.

Maximum Performance:

For those who demand peak performance, the SLICKMIT Enclosure can be placed against the seat. The design enhances accessibility and functionality, catering to the needs of users who prioritise performance above all.

Maximum Space Saving:

The third orientation is tailored for users who value space efficiency. This configuration allows for a compact and streamlined storage setup, making it an excellent choice for those with limited space in their vehicles.

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