EISA Award 2023: HELIX P SIX DSP Ultimate and ATF DSP PC-Tool 5 Software


We are very proud that the EISA jury has honoured us with two awards this year. The international jury of experts from 60 different magazines agree once again that Audiotec Fischer’s products set the benchmark in in-car electronics.

The HELIX P SIX DSP ULTIMATE received the award as best product in the category IN-CAR Amplifier 2022-2023

as well as the AudtioTec Fischer DSP PC-Tool 5 as best product in the category IN-CAR DSP Software 2022-2023.


HELIX P SIX DSP ULTIMATE “Looking for a high-quality and powerful all-in-one amplifier to drive and fine- tune any car audio system? The Helix P SIX DSP ULTIMATE is a six-channel amp with versatile and sophisticated 12-channel DSP, so is both the perfect choice for a hi-fi enthusiast seeking an all-in-one-solution, and a state-of-the-art design ready to drive a wider in-car system, with both OEM or aftermarket speakers. It’s powerful too, rated at 120W/4ohm and 230W/2ohm, via high-efficiency, low-heat Class D amplification and Helix’s custom-designed power supply. DSP and conversion features are among the best in its range, resulting in the most desirable Class D amplifier on the market today.” 

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