EISA Award 2023: Ground Zero have done it again!


ground zero award winning

This time, winning two (!) of the most respected EISA Awards 2022-2023!

Its such a great honour and more than that, a particular appreciation verifying the ambitious development of our engineers taking more than three years to create not less than the very best sounding in-car loudspeakers and a matching amplifier introducing the GROUND ZERO ULTRA series.

We are proud and thankful for this confirmation and recognition by the EISA members and glad to spread the stunning news to our friends, fans, customers and distribution partners worldwide.

Thank you for being a part of the successful GROUND ZERO team

The GROUND ZERO GZ ULTRA A-2 received the award as best product in the category IN-CAR High End Componet 2022-2023

Ground Zero has designed the GZ ULTRA A-2 as the ultimate in high-end, no- compromise automotive audio. A two-channel, dual mono Class AB amplifier for the hi-fi enthusiast demanding the very best in sound reproduction, it’s constructed from high-grade components in as minimalistic way as possible – even potentiometers have been replaced by fixed resistors.

Premium features include adjustable bias to perfect its sonic output and optional water cooling is offered to keep its temperature optimal. The GZ ULTRA A-2’s sound is so neutral, open and perfectly balanced that the music always shines through. With plenty of power on tap, this is truly an amplifier that deserves the ‘high-end’ label.


The GROUND ZERO GZ ULTRA T-30 + GZ ULTRA K-165 received the award as the best product in the category IN-CAR Speaker System 2022-2023.

The GZ Ultra T-30 and GZ Ultra K-165 are two flagship driver units from Ground Zero that combine perfectly to create a separate two-way speaker system without compromises. High frequencies to 26kHz are tackled by the 30mm coated textile tweeter, which also has an ultra-wide bandwidth (down to 1 kHz) and offers extremely low distortion.
The partnering GZ ULTRA K-165 bass/mid is also a reference-grade design, marrying a lightweight carbon fleece sandwich cone with a powerful and accurate neodymium motor and high-quality aluminum basket. Sound performance is lively and exciting, blending very high precision with great emotional impact these are the best component speaker units when music is all that matters.

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