VW Transporter Bass! Best on the market


Got a VW Transporter? Need a bas fix or enhanced sound?

VIBE audio have developed a completely custom bass solution to suit the VW Transporter van range which included the T5, T5.1, T6 and T6.1 seat bases, this beautifully designed and UK built enclosure fits snugly under the drivers seat for stealth bass enhancement.

The Transporter bass pack features  our new SLICK8D2 8 inch subwoofer which delivers wonderful accurate and deep bass, paired with our custom designed bass enclosure. The hand built in UK bass enclosure fits perfectly into the transporter seat bass utilising every possible bit or space to gain the maximum volume possible, this is then paired with an 8 inch passive radiator. The passive radiator is used to enhance the enclosures performance by increasing the low bass extension and up to tripling output performance, it does this by effectively doubling the cone area available and acting in a similar way to a port vent would but still allows to keep the ultra compact size.

This enclosure and subwoofer is then activated with our best selling POWERBOX400.1, this amp is wired to the subwoofer at 1Ω delivering 400 watts RMS of power creating what we believe to be the loudest, deepest and most accurate bass enclosure on the market for the Transporter. The 400,1 is such a compact amplifier it can be hidden anywhere! making the installation of this bass pack super stealth as well as fast.


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