VIBE Caddy gets some serious updates!


In 2019 we Introduced our VW Caddy van as our Mini Bass demo car!

Containing 4 BlackDeath Hex 15s running on 14000 watts RMS this was the baby brother to our Monster T5 Demo van, this van we were able to get to more shows, more events and demo easier, and you guys all loved it.

We featured our full BlackDeath Range, BlackDeathM4 and M14k amps along side BlackDeath Pro 8 midrange drivers and BlackDeath Pro3 T compression tweeters for the highs and mids, and it really does sound and look great!

For 2022 we wanted to spice it up a little! The rear was used for storage but this year with the addition of  a few new lines during the pandemic we wanted to show them off. Our master builder went ahead and created this futuristic looking installing keeping with the HEX theme!

We used 8 of our brand new BlackAir Pro 8 inch midrange drivers which are truly incredible, super loud, super crisp and super clean, paired with the latest BlackDeath Pro 4.5 inch Horn drivers, to power these we are using our latest Powerbox Mini series amps!

This install is beyond loud and beyond clear we can’t wait for you to catch it at a show near you!

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