Our Slimmest Bass Enclosure is back and even better

blackair t12s active


In 2017 we introduced  our BLACKAIRT12S passive slimline subwoofer enclosure.

It became one of the best selling products in our portfolio with competitor beating performance

This enclosure was designed to allow those of you with little to no space the VIBE bass enhancement.

This slim enclosure was perfect for flatbed trucks, commercial vehicles where there was only space behind seats or even in general vehicles where taking up lots of space just wasn’t an option.

In 2021 we endeavoured to make improvements to this enclosure, as well as a new more subtle sophisticated design. This is better suited to OEM style integration. We created an all new grill and gasket combination for the 12″ passive radiator which sits completely flush to the box. Meaning the enclosure takes up even less space for better installation options. Improvements were also made to the 8 inch subwoofer with an improvement in the voice coil for added depth to the bass and a warmer sound.

When partnered with our best selling POWERBOX400.1 Mono amplifier and market leading Rapid Fit wiring kit this is a fast and easy installation.

Delivering fast space saving bass

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