NEW PULSE Subwoofers

PULSE 10″ and 12″ Subwoofers

pulse subwoofers


Our new range of PULSE subwoofers are guaranteed to set your pulses racing. Not only for the quality and performance, but also the price! No longer does low budget mean low performance. We are re-writing the rule book with these new subwoofers.

So what’s so great about these? We have taken the same wide roll foam surround technology from our coveted SLICK Series Subwoofers range, allowing huge excursion and delivering massive bass. 

These subwoofers are available in 2 sizes: 10” and 12”. Both models feature the same 1050W Peak/350W RMS motor. The 12″ will generate more bass. Remember: bigger subwoofers need bigger enclosures and take up more space. We recommend 10″ for fast paced music lovers (Dance, Electronic) and the 12″ for lower, slower bass (R&B, Hip Hop).

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